About McGill University

McGill University is one of Canada's best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the world's leading universities, recognized around the globe for the excellence of its teaching and research programs.


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About McGill University 

McGill University is a community of people inspired by challenge and committed to shaping a better future. For over 200 years, the McGill experience has encouraged creative minds to take risks and push the boundaries of knowledge. Our trailblazing faculty and researchers make lasting contributions across hundreds of fields, with impacts seen around the world.​

Consistently ranked among the top universities in Canada and the world, we attract the brightest and boldest scholars. With the most international student body in the country, our diverse campus environment fuels a free exchange of transformative ideas. This is where global perspectives are born. Over 300,000 McGill alumni are working, teaching and sparking brave ways of thinking across the globe.​

Our community tackles some of the most pressing challenges of our times, often working at the intersection of disciplines. Through collaboration and innovation, and with an unfaltering optimism, we forge the way forward for future generations.​

McGill is committed to building a sustainable future through research and action, including in our own campus operations. Nearly a quarter of our faculty members are engaged in sustainability research that directly addresses complex global challenges, and we have set ambitious long-term targets through our Climate and Sustainability Strategy, including achieving zero-waste by 2035 and reaching carbon neutrality by 2040. These initiatives underscore our commitment to embedding sustainability across all facets of the institution and contributing to a more environmentally responsible future. 

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