Funding & awards

The Awards to Scholarly Publications Program

A key Federation activity, the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program (ASPP) funds scholarly books in Canada that make an important contribution to the humanities and social sciences. 

The ASPP is a competitive program that awards 180 Publication Grants of $8,000 and five Translation Grants of $12,000 annually (April 1 to March 31). 

For more information, visit the ASPP page.

Congress funding

The Federation offers three funding programs to support international collaboration, interdisciplinary exchange, graduate student participation, and public engagement at the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

  • The International Keynote Speaker Support Fund to defray the fees and costs of a major address is available to participating members; one application per association. 
  • The Aid for Interdisciplinary Sessions Fund offers grants to support sessions jointly organized by two or more participating associations; one lead application per association.
  • The Congress Graduate Merit Award facilitates the participation of graduate students in Congress activities. Each association planning to hold a conference at the event will receive a set number of CGMAs, each worth $500, to support their most deserving student members.

For information and applications, please visit the Congress funding page or contact your member association. 

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A teal, blue and purple wave pattern make up the Congress 2022 logo, with English text reading “Congress 2022 of the Humanities and Social Sciences” and French text reading “Congrès 2022 des sciences humaines”. The theme name reading “Transitions” sits at the bottom of the logo.| Une forme de vague bleue sarcelle, bleue et violette constitue le logo du Congrès 2022, avec le texte en anglais « Congress 2022 of the Humanities and Social Sciences » et le texte en français « Congrès 2022 des sciences humaines »

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The Canadian Sociological Association welcomed Dr. Terry Wotherspoon of the University of Saskatchewan to Congress 2022, for a presentation entitled Education in Canada: The American Dream or the New Inequality? Throughout the last two decades...