List of awards

ANSER-ARES Best Book Award

Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER)

As part of ANSER-ARES core objectives to develop a Canadian body of knowledge related to Nonprofit studies and the Social Economy. ANSER-ARES will be offering a prize for the best book on nonprofits and the social economy sector in Canada published during the three calendar years preceding 2021 (copyright 2018, 2019 or 2020). 

Canadian Association for Theatre Research Awards

Canadian Association for Theatre Research (CATR) 

The Canadian Association for Theatre Research organizes several awards. For more information please see their website

Canadian Historical Association Prizes

Canadian Historical Association (CHA)

The CHA offers many prizes for books and articles. For more information on their prizes please see their website. 

Concurso al mejor libro

Canadian Association of Hispanists (CAH) 

To be eligible for this award, the book's theme must have a Hispanic component.
The official languages ​​of the contest are Spanish, English and French and contestants must meet at least one of these requirements:

  • be Canadian citizens or residents of Canada
  • have completed your university studies at a Canadian institution
  • work in a Canadian institution.
  • In all cases, the contestants must be members of the ACH and have their membership up to date.

CSSE and its constituent Associations awards

Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE)

The CSSE and its constituent Associations and Special Interest Groups offer a number of awards for student theses at both the Masters and Doctoral level, for publications, and for service.

CSSR Book Prize

Canadian Society for the Study of Religion (CSSR)

The 2021 annual award recognizes an outstanding monograph in Religious Studies written by a member in good standing of the CSSR and published during the previous three years (currently those with a copyright date of 2018-2020, inclusive).

Donald Smiley Prize

Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA)

The prize will be awarded to the author of the best book published in English in French in a field relating to the study of government and politics in Canada. To be eligible, a book may be single-authored or multi-authored. Textbooks, edited books, collections of essays, translations, and memoirs will not be considered. 

Errol Sharpe Book Award

Society for Socialists Studies (SSS)

As a tribute to the robust scholarship undertaken by its members and to recognize their publication achievements, the Society for Socialist Studies awards an annual book prize for a significant contribution to socialist research in Canada. The award is named after the founder of Fernwood Books, Errol Sharpe, a leader in left scholarship since 1991.

Frank W. Beare Award

Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (CSBS)

This award has been established in honour of Francis (Frank) Wright Beare, one of Canada’s most renowned New Testament scholars. This award recognizes an outstanding book in the areas of Christian Origins, Post-Biblical Judaism and/or Graeco-Roman Religions written in English or French by a member of the CSBS and published in the current and previous two years. The award of $500 is announced each year at the CSBS Annual General Meeting.

Gabrielle Roy Prize

Association for Canadian and Québec Literatures (ACQL)

Each year the Association for Canadian and Quebec Literatures (ACQL) awards two prestigious prizes in honour of Gabrielle Roy, one in English and one in French, for literary criticism produced in Canada published within the designated calendar year.

Joel Gregory Book Prize

Canadian Association of African Studies (CAAS)

The Joel Gregory Prize is awarded to the best book published in African Studies in the social sciences and humanities, written by a Canadian, a landed immigrant, or an African who has completed a PhD program in Canada or who has worked in a Canadian organization devoted to the promotion of knowledge of Africa. Valued at $1,000, the Joel Gregory Prize is announced at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of African Studies. 

John Porter Award Tradition of Excellence Book Award

Canadian Sociological Association (CSA)

The John Porter Tradition of Excellence Book Award, originally named the The John Porter Memorial Book Prize, was created in 1980 by the Canadian Sociology and  Anthropology Association in memory of John Porter for the purpose of recognizing outstanding published scholarly contributions within the "John Porter Tradition" to the advancement of sociological knowledge in Canada.

Joseph McGann Memorial Prize

Canadian Association for Irish Studies (CAIrS) 

This award, in honour of a long-standing and dedicated member of CAIS/ACEI, is given to the best graduate student (master’s student in years where numbers warrant) presenting a paper at the CAIS/ACEI annual conference. The award includes both a book prize and one year’s membership in CAIS/ACEI.

Journal Innovation Award

Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ) 

This award recognizes outstanding journal work and highlights the contributions that journals make to scholarly discourse. The SRC–Journal Innovation Award is intended to encourage Canadian journals to engage in innovation with an eye on enhancing impact.

Labrecque-Lee Book Prize

Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA)

The Labrecque-Lee Book Prize was established in 2018, and named in honour of two outstanding Canadian anthropologists.The Labrecque-Lee Book Prize honours a single or co-authored monograph on sociocultural, archaeological, bio-cultural, ethnohistorical or linguistic work, in French or English. It is given to CASCA members who demonstrate a Canadian affiliation through either their fieldwork, institution, degree or funding. The winner is honoured at the CASCA annual meeting and receives a $500 award.

Leo Panitch Book Prize

Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies (CAWLS) 

This award honours the best book in Canadian work and labour studies.

Margaret Wade Labarge Prize

Canadian Society of Medievalists (CSM)

The prize for the best book published by a Canadian medievalist is named for the Society’s first President, Dr. Margaret Wade Labarge. The 2022 prize honours a book published in 2021 in the field of medieval studies (including monographs, editions, translations, and other categories as determined by the Prize Committee), authored or co-authored, translated or co-translated, edited or co-edited, etc. by a Canadian or someone resident in Canada. Edited collections of essays are not eligible. The winner will be announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting planned for May 2022. The prize includes a cash award and a three-year membership in the Society, which includes subscription to the journal, Florilegium.

Prix du meilleur article ou livre

Association canadienne d'études francophones du XIXe siècle (ACÉF XIX)

Les Prix de l’ACÉF-XIX sont décernés chaque année au meilleur ouvrage et au meilleur article publiés au cours des deux années précédentes par les membres de l’Association. Les articles et ouvrages soumis sont jugés par un jury composé de trois membres de l’ACÉF-XIX et présidé par le secrétaire de l’Association.

Prix 2021 du meilleur livre de l'année

Association des professeur.e.s de français des universités et collèges canadiens (APFUCC)

The APFUCC Prizes are awarded each year, alternately to the best book and the best article published during the previous year by members of the association. Articles and books submitted to the competition are judged by an anonymous jury chaired by the Vice-President of APFUCC.

R. B. Y. Scott Award

Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (CSBS)

This award was established in honour of Robert Balgarnie Young Scott, one of Canada’s most renowned Old Testament Scholars. This award recognizes an outstanding book in the areas of Hebrew Bible and/or the Ancient Near East written in English or French by a member of the CSBS and published in the current and previous two years. The award of $500 is announced each year at the CSBS Annual General Meeting.

Richard Hadden Award

Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS)

The Richard Hadden Award is a book prize to be presented for the best student paper presented at the CSHPS Annual Meeting. The Award was created in 2002 by the Society in memory of CSHPS member Richard Hadden. Hadden was a sociologist of science at St. Mary's University who wrote an excellent book, On the Shoulders of Merchants, about the material causes of the scientific revolution. After his unfortunate demise, his family made a donation to CSHPS to start a scholarship in his name.

The Canadian Association of Slavists/Taylor and Francis Book Prize in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies

Canadian Association of Slavists (CAS)

The Canadian Association of Slavists’ Taylor and Francis Book Prize was established in 2014 and is sponsored by Taylor and Francis Publishers. It is awarded annually for the best academic book in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies published in the previous calendar year by a Canadian author (citizen or permanent resident).

The Canadian Philosophical Association Book Prize

Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA) 

The Canadian Philosophical Association will award a maximum of three prizes for the best books in philosophy published by members of the Association. The amount of the prizes is determined by available resources. 

The Gertrude J. Robinson Book Prize

Canadian Communication Association (CCA) 

The Robinson Book Prize is named in honour of the many contributions of Professor Gertrude J. Robinson to the discipline of communication in Canada and around the world. It was initiated by Professor David Taras, President of the Canadian Communication Association in 1998-1999. Awards are based on a calendar year (January-December) and the winner is announced at the CCA conference. 

WGSRF Outstanding Scholarship Prize

Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF)

In 2011, what had been the association's annual book prize was changed to a newly named and reconfigured OUTSTANDING SCHOLARSHIP PRIZE, to better reflect and recognize the variety of work produced by Women's and Gender Studies practitioners, and to respond to issues raised in the judging of this prize. This prize is now awarded to a monograph, an edited collection, or a significant documentary film. Winners of this award receive a $200.00 prize, in addition to travel money (up to a specific amount) for the winner(s) to travel to the WGSRF conference and the Awards ceremony. 

W. Wesley Pue Book Prize

Canadian Law and Society Association (CLSA)

The W. Wesley Pue Book Prize is awarded annually for the best book on law and society published in the previous year in English or in French. Please submit inquiries to