Congress 2023. May 27 - June 2 @ York University

Registration is now closed.

Arrival: Checking in at the Registration Desk 

Registration categories

Registration fees 

Black and Indigenous complimentary access

Community pass 

Membership status

International attendees

Payment method


Arrival: Checking in at the Registration Desk 

Your first port of call upon arriving on campus should be the Registration Desk to check in and collect your badge. The Registration Desk is located in the Congress Hub – Central Square. 

Hours of operation - Registration desk

  • Friday, May 26: 10:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday, May 27 to Thursday, June 1st - 7:30 - 17:00
  • Friday, June 2nd: 7:30 - 12:00

After registering, please remember to wear your badge at all times when on site. 

Registering for Congress 2023

You must register to Congress 2023 to participate or present in any type of programming. Access to the virtual conference platform is restricted to registered attendees. 

Registering for Congress 2023 also confirms that you also comply with our Code of Conduct.

Registration categories

  • Regular attendee
  • Underemployed attendee 
  • Student or K-12 educator attendee 
  • Retired attendee
  • Unemployed attendee 
  • Black or Indigenous student*
  • Black or Indigenous attendee
  • Community member 

*Distributed through associations only. See 'Black and Indigenous complimentary access' below for more information.

Registration fees 

The registration fees are broken down into two components – the Congress fees and the Association conference fees (if applicable). Both fees are mandatory in order to attend association conferences. 

There is an early-bird discount for those who register for Congress before March 31, 2023.

Congress fees

Congress fee registration category Registration definition Congress fee 


(prior to March 31)
Congress fee regular rate

(as of April 1)
Congress fee on site

(as of May 26)

Regular attendee You are employed full-time and attending or presenting at an association conference. $190.00 $225.00 $250.00
Underemployed attendee You are employed part-time, seasonal or temporary and attending or presenting at an association conference. $150.00 $190.00 $215.00
Student or K-12 educator attendee

As a student, you are enrolled full-time as an undergraduate, graduate, or diploma academic program and hold a student ID card/number and are not employed full-time by the same institution.

As a K-12 school educator, you are employed full or part-time.

You are attending or presenting at an association conference.

$80.00 $105.00 $130.00
Retired attendee You are over the age of 55, retired from employment, and no longer engaged in regular research, academic and/or other scientific activities and attending or presenting at an association conference. $80.00 $105.00 $130.00
Unemployed attendee You are under the age of 55, currently unemployed and attending or presenting at an association conference. $80.00 $105.00 $130.00
Black or Indigenous student* You are a student who self-identifies as Black or Indigenous and is attending or presenting at your association conference. *Distributed by your association.  $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Community attendee

**opens early April

You are attending sessions only available to all Congress attendees, including Big Thinking lectures, Career Corner workshops, university programming, association open events, and Expo.  n/a $55.00 $55.00

Black or Indigenous community attendee

**opens early April

You self-identify as Black or Indigenous and are attending sessions only available to all Congress attendees, including Big Thinking lectures, Career Corner workshops, university programming, association open events, and Expo. n/a $0.00 $0.00

Association conference fees 

If you are participating in your association conference as a speaker, presenter, panelist, association staff member, special guest, session chair/moderator, board member, organizer, or are attending one or more association conference session(s), you must pay the association conference fee set by your association. View the Association conference fee schedule.

Your registration to your association’s conference includes full access to all open events, Big Thinking, Career Corner and Expo programming.

Black and Indigenous complimentary access

We are offering complimentary access under certain categories for Black and Indigenous participants: 

  1. If you are attending an association conference at Congress and are a student who self-identifies as Black or Indigenous, your Congress fee is waived. Contact your association for your unique registration link. Please note that a complimentary Congress fee does not waive your association fee. Check with your association to see if they are waiving your association fee or offering a fee discount. 

  2. If you are purchasing a community pass to attend open events only, and you self-identify as Black or Indigenous, your community pass is complimentary.

Community pass

Congress 2023 is your chance to take part in one of the largest social sciences and humanities gatherings in the world! Come experience inspiring speakers, take part in critical conversations of our time, and connect with colleagues from Canada and abroad. 

Congress in not limited to Canadian residents – we welcome participants from across the globe! 

If you are a member of the public and/or are attending open events only, you need to register as a community participant.

Who is eligible to purchase a community pass? 

Individuals who have a passion for the humanities and social sciences, work or study within the field, or want to experience Congress, AND only wish to attend Congress open programming, including Big Thinking lectures, Career Corner workshops, scholarly association open events and Expo, can purchase a community pass. 

If you wish to attend one or more association conferences, in addition to Congress open programming, you’ll need to register as a regular, student, retired, or unwaged attendee.

Membership status

You are welcome to attend any association conference regardless of membership status. You may pay the corresponding member or non-member fee based on your membership status with the association you wish to attend.

Association membership renewal

If you are attending your association’s conference as a member or presenting at your association’s conference, renew your membership by following the instructions on your association’s website.

International attendees

Congress attracts many attendees and guest speakers from around the world. As the largest gathering of humanities and social sciences, we encourage international attendees to engage with those disciplines from participating associations. Before planning their trip to Canada, international attendees should ensure that they have all the appropriate travel documents. Please note that the passport you hold determines whether or not you require a visa to enter Canada.   

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada provides a list of countries for which visa restrictions apply, and all other pertinent information attendees may require before making any travel plans. International attendees must give themselves plenty of time as the application process may take several months. Note that visa-exempt foreign nationals (excluding U.S. citizens) must still acquire an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This can be done online via the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website. 

International attendees should also monitor any requirements related to COVID-19 by visiting COVID-19: Travel, testing and borders

The Congress registration confirmation email, which attendees receive from the Federation, is automatically generated and does not represent an invitation to attend Congress for visa purposes. The Federation does not issue letters of invitation and cannot assist with this process. Attendees should contact their association to request a letter of invitation to participate in their conference. 

In addition to registering for Congress, attendees must register for an association conference. Each association is responsible for its own call for papers, program development, and registration decisions. Please contact the association you have registered with to obtain a letter of invitation to participate. 

Payment method

  • Credit cards accepted: Visa, Visa/debit, MasterCard, MasterCard/debit, American Express 
  • Payment by cash or cheque is not available at this time.