Headshot of Camille Ferrier

Camille Ferrier

Vice-President, Membership, Communications & Events

Camille Ferrier is the Federation’s Vice-President, Membership, Communications & Events.

Camille brings over 15 years’ experience in not-for-profit communications to the Federation. Originally from France, she worked for various organizations in England, the United States, and Australia before settling in Canada in 2014.  

Camille holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Communications from the Université de Provence in France, and completed the first year of her Master’s at Loyola University in Chicago.  

With extensive experience using digital tools for storytelling, marketing, brand awareness, advocacy, and member engagement, Camille strives to lead with empathy, using a people-centric approach to management. 

Camille lives in Ottawa with her partner, son, and dog. In her free time, she likes travelling, playing music, cooking, and entertaining friends at home.


Contact Camille about:  

  • Hosting Congress
  • Congress & corporate communications 
  • Member engagement  

Contact information

Email: cferrier(at)federationhss.ca