Our team

Some words here about our team, what we do, what brings us together. 

CEO's Office 

Gabriel Miller's headshot
Gabriel Miller
President and CEO




Policy and programs

Headshot of Hannah Paveck
Hannah Paveck 
Manager, Policy and Research
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Sara El Rayes
Lead, Programs
Headshot Melba Villamizar Rodriguez
Melba Villamizar Rodriguez
ASPP Program Officer




Governance and Operations

Headshot of Lamis El-Zein
Lamis El-Zein
Manager, Governance and Operations
Headshot of Patrick Kabeya
Patrick Kabeya
Information and Systems Officer
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Greg Scharf
Chief Financial Officer
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Eman Elkhalek 
Accounting Consultant


Membership, Communications and Events

Headshot of Camille Ferrier
Camille Ferrier
Vice President, Membership, Communications & Events







Headshot of Lana Galbraith
Lana Galbraith
Lead, Member Relations






Headshot of Brody Rogers
Brody Rodgers
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Headshot of Yasmine Bouzaaboun
Yasmine Bouzaaboun
Communications Officer
Headshot of Zach Hazledine
Zach Hazledine
Communications Officer
Headshot Mianda Thwaites

Mianda Thwaites

Communications Coordinator




Headshot of Hélène Fasciano-Lussier
Hélène Lussier, DES
Director, Meetings & Events
Headshot Rachel Schumacher
Rachel Schumacher, DES
Lead, Meetings & Events
Headshot of Meghan MacDougall
Meghan MacDougall
Meetings & Events Officer
Headshot of Heather Tiede
Heather Tiede
Meetings & Events Officer
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Alice Lee
Meetings & Events Coordinator