Fedcan grows up digital

12 novembre 2009

Noreen Golfman, President, Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Image courtesy of tellumo on Flickr

Image courtesy of tellumo on Flickr

The Federation is storming the Internet this fall. We are thrilled to have launched the new main site at www.fedcan.ca – where you can find well organized information about our programs and work. The fresh design of the site was well overdue – and I’m glad we’ve finally got an online presence our members can be proud of. Besides, we’re all over the pale blue tones, at once serious and calming.

For starters, delegates needed more from our congress website, and so we are happy to have launched a great new site for www.congress2010.ca. We’re cultivating this site to include a better set of features, including an updated program calendar that should help Congress delegates access information more quickly.

The next step will be to ensure that our online systems are not just static pages for reference, but offer real value to our members, partners and friends. We are updating our site more often, ensuring content is always fresh. As we all know, a dated website is the kiss of--or a sign of--death. We are deploying an Association Finder that will streamline the process of locating a scholarly association and we are experimenting with a whole bunch of social media tools to see which of these will offer our members real value.

As part of this project, we are going to start blogging. This should be an opportunity to engage with our members, provide valuable information and context on for some of the issues we are all facing as researchers and academics.

Stay tuned for thoughts from our executive, our secretariat staff, and other experts from across our disciplines. We will ask you for some patience while we figure everything out! Please send your comments to us at fedcan@fedcan.ca or post in the comment section below.