Abstract management software

The Federation is pleased to offer its member associations new abstract management software, Fourwaves, which supports call-for-papers and abstract administration. The service may be used when holding your association conference at Congress but is also available throughout the year and for non-Congress activities. Read on to learn more and to get in touch about using the software for your association.

About Fourwaves

Fourwaves is an academic event software that simplifies your abstract submission experience with a user-friendly platform designed to streamline the collection, review, and online publication of your materials. Using Fourwaves, you can:

  • Create a full event website and submission form for your association’s conference or journal submissions;
  • Fully customize your submission form;  
  • Create a schedule for your conference that can then be shared with your attendees (mobile friendly);  
  • Communicate with individuals who submit their work to your conference or journal;
  • Easily manage your peer-reviews;
  • Allow for submissions of pre-recorded videos; and,
  • Create, manage, and publish your submission and conference schedule website in both French and English by easily toggling between chosen languages.

This tool helps your association work collaboratively, stay organized, communicate with your members more easily and efficiently, and, perhaps most importantly, allow you to save time on what can often be a daunting administrative task.  

Associations do not need to be holding their conference at Congress to take advantage of this service. 

Onboarding and support

Fourwaves provides onboarding and ongoing support for associations using the platform, to ensure you get the most out the service, including:

  • An onboarding meeting with a Fourwaves software developer to get you familiar with the software;
  • Access to an unlimited number of support touchpoints with the Fourwaves development team via e-mail and live chat to support you as you create and manage your call-for-papers;
  • One check-in for every call-for-papers or event published; and
  • Access to a bilingual knowledge base. 

Pricing structure and policies

When opting into the service, you can select a package and price point that meets your needs. Packages are priced by number of submissions anticipated. A service charge is processed upon enrolling. Additional charges will apply for submissions that exceed your current package allocation (an additional $1.00 for each submission). 

The price per package is based on the maximum number of submissions. This means that even if you receive fewer submissions than the maximum indicated in your package, your association is still charged your regular package fee.

To mitigate this, after enrolling in the service, the Federation works with you to monitor the number of submissions you receive, to ensure your package continues to be the best fit for your capacity. Review the following pricing structure for details. 



Base price

Number of submissions accepted

Price per submission (maximum)


Price per submission 

(if you exceed number of anticipated submissions) 

Package 1    






Package 2






Package 3






Package 4






Package 5






Package 7






Get started

If your association is interested in learning more or enrolling in the Federation’s abstract management software, you can watch a demonstration of the platform or come to a live demonstration.


Watch a demonstration

Sign up for a live demonstration


Please email us at membership@federationhss.ca for any questions and to confirm your interest in opting in. Please note we would need confirmation of your use of the service at least four (4) weeks before the start of your call for papers.