Accessibility at Congress 23

Accessibility on site 

Accessibility features on the virtual event platform 

Accessibility on site 

York University and the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences are committed to providing the most inclusive and barrier-free Congress experience possible for attendees with disabilities and accessibility needs. Below you will find pertinent information for planning an accessible trip to Congress 2023. Additional information on general services can be found on the Congress website at

Hearing assistance and Simultaneous Interpretation available for your session 

Connect to the Assistive Listening and Simultaneous Interpretation System using your mobile device .

Connect in 5 Easy Steps: 

  1. While on campus, join the Congress2023 WiFi network on your mobile device 
  2. Download the Sennheiser Mobile Connect application on your device’s App/Play Store 
  3. Open the Sennheiser Mobile Connect application on your device and click on the Blue QR Code at the top of the screen. 
  4. Scan the QR code provided in the room 
  5. Select your preferred language, and press Listen using your own earpiece. 

Accessibility provisions  

Accessibility provisions on campus by request  

York University will provide accommodations to ensure that participants with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the program. Attendees who would like to request these services must respond to the Accessibility Needs and Information questions during online registration by April 15, 2023. The information provided at the time of registration will assist the university in pre-arranging for the needs of attendees with disabilities. If you missed submitting the form during registration, contact  

  • Specialized seating (e.g. chair without arm rests)  
  • Priority seating (e.g. near access door; front of room)  
  • Sign language interpretation  
  • Assistive listening device  
  • Real-time captioning  
  • Alternative formats of written material 
  • Mobility assistance on campus  
  • Accessible lectern (for presenters)  
  • Seating during presentation (for presenters)  

Please note: Provisions which require extensive arrangements, and which are not provided by the university on a regular basis, may incur extra charges. Additionally, last minute requests for some services may not be possible; however, the university in collaboration with the associations will do their best to accommodate.  

Local equipment rentals  

Vital Mobility Home Health Care provides a wide range of mobility products, including wheelchairs, walking devices, and scooters.  

Accessible travel and transportation  


The Federation works with all official Congress hotels and on-campus accommodations to ensure equal access for all attendees. We survey each property based on the standards and specifications provided under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, including the exterior of the building, lobby, rooms, bathrooms and amenities.  

Should you have questions regarding the accessibility level of one of the official Congress 2023 hotels, each property listed on the Accommodations page includes a contact person specifically for accessibility queries. For more information visit

Airport accessibility  

Toronto Pearson Airport 

Universal access is a fundamental component of customer care at the Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ). The airport has developed a website to help and support customers preparing for air travel. Further information on accessibility services at Toronto Pearson is available at  

Accessible taxi service is integrated into the fleet of taxis serving Toronto Pearson. You must request an accessible taxi from the Groundside Officers located at the Taxi and Limo standing in the following location. 

Terminal 1 – Arrivals Level 

  • Taxis: Door D 
  • Limos: Door C 

Terminal 3 – Arrivals Level 

  • Taxis: Doors D, E and F 
  • Limos: Door F 
Billy Bishop Airport 

If you’re planning to fly in or out of Billy Bishop Airport it’s important to let your air carrier and/or travel agent know that you require special assistance when you make your flight reservation. Your air carrier can provide information on the use of wheelchairs, a passenger escort service, transportation within the airport, and support in checking in, boarding, and arriving at your destination. Passengers requiring special assistance may be dropped off either in front of the Passenger Transfer Facility or Airport Terminal. 

The parking lots at Billy Bishop are fully accessible with designated parking spots marked by the Universal Access Symbol. To use one of these spots simply display your valid Accessible Parking Permit on your vehicle. Please note that if you have not pre-arranged assistance in advance, you may experience a delay in service. 

Accessible Transit  

All public transit is accessible, please see the link below for all public transit services to and from Person Airport 

Additional TTC accessible information is available at the following link


All taxi companies in Toronto offer accessible vehicles upon request.   

Accessible campus  

Accessible parking 

There is ample accessibility parking at York University. Please ensure you plan ahead and allow extra time to find a space near your destination, residence, or association location. Most of the parking lots and garages on campus have dedicated and signed accessibility spaces located within each facility. Space availability is based on a first-come, first-served basis.  All vehicles parking in these spaces must be displaying a valid province or out of province medical placard, in addition to paying the required parking fee. 

For additional assistance please visit, call 416-736-5335, or visit the Parking Services Department, located on the second floor of the William Small Centre, Suite 222. 

Mobility Assistance Shuttle  

Mobility support will be available to attendees with accessibility needs or any kind of disability (permanent or temporary) to navigate campus. This includes two (2) accessibility transport options:  

  • Accessibility shuttle for individuals in wheelchairs, individuals with motor, visual, hearing and/or cognitive disabilities;  
  • Mobility assistance golf carts for individuals with temporary accessibility needs (e.g. recent injury; health issues impacting mobility; recovery from surgery; pregnant)  

Accessibility shuttle will be available from 7:00 to 21:00 daily during the Congress. The accessibility shuttle service will have seventeen (17) pre-determined stops on campus each within 2-3 minutes of each other with a total shuttle loop time of twenty-two (22) minutes. This shuttle route encompasses most all major congress locations and residences on campus. 

Look for shuttle signs at your stop location. This is where the shuttle will meet you. See the official Congress map for more details on the shuttle loop that will service the campus. 

Mobility assistance Golf Cart Shuttle will be available during the hours of 7:30-18:30, this service will travel on two continuous loops along campus roads taking you closer to key Congress event places. Wait times will vary between five (5) to fifteen (15) minutes.  

Mobility assistance golf cart locations are identified on the Official Congress 2023 map

Building entrances  

All campus buildings used for Congress have at least one accessible entrance. These entrances are comprised of either a level entrance or ramp access, with an automatic door.  

Wheelchair assistance  

The university will have a wheelchair available at the Info Desk in the Congress Hub for those who require mobility assistance to get from one place to another. You can also ask for assistance from anyone in a Congress Volunteer t-shirt.  


Wheelchair-accessible single stall washrooms and gender inclusive washrooms are available across campus and are identified with standardized signage. 

Quiet spaces  

York University is pleased to provide designated quiet spaces for attendees for the duration of Congress 2023. The use of these spaces are open to all individuals without prior request, and rooms will be available during the hours of 8am-5pm. Visit the Local Amenities page under Plan your trip for locations of these Wellbeing Hubs and additional information

Emergency procedures  

Procedures governing personal safety are outlined on the Congress website under our Plan your trip tab. In emergency situations, persons with impaired mobility are to shelter-in-place and advise a companion to inform Campus Security or an available firefighter of their location. Firefighters and first responders are trained to assist persons in wheelchairs to evacuate buildings. View emergency procedures at

Support person registration  

Support persons or companions are not required to register or pay for Congress if they are travelling with a registered Congress attendee. Support persons will be allowed to enter Congress sessions without a badge only when accompanied by the individual whom they are supporting. If the registered participant requires assistance with the Congress virtual platform, they should reach out to Congress at 

Questions and contacts  

For more information about accessibility at York University please contact  

Accessibility features on the virtual event platform 

Accessibility features 

When attending virtual Congress events on the virtual platform, there are several accessibility features you can use. Provision of features can vary by event host, so please be sure to check event tiles to see what features are enabled for that event. Features available for the event will be marked by the icons below: 

American sign language

American sign language icon / Icône de la langue des signes américaine





La langue des signes québécoise (LSQ)

Quebecoise sign language icon / Icône de la langue des signes québécoise (LSQ)





Simultaneous interpretation - French

Simulaneous interpretation - French icon / Interprétation simultanée en français





Closed captioning - English

Closed captioning in English icon / Icône de sous-titrage ferme en anglais





Closed captioning - French

Closed captioning in French icon / Icône de sous-titrage ferme en francais





Open captioning - English

Open captioning in English icon / Icône de sous-titrage ouvert en anglais





Open captioning - French

Open captioning in French icon / Icône de sous-titrage ouvert en francais





Information for organizers 

For information on hosting an accessible event, please review the guidance in the Organizers Portal, under the tab ‘Resources’. 

Accessible presentations: a guide for Congress presenters 

For information on ensuring accessible presentations, please visit the Information for presenters page.