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While alarming images of a warming planet infuse the concept with a critical sense of urgency, ‘sustainability’ transcends even the immense challenges posed by climate change, urging recognition of the interconnectedness of human existence and global action on the overlapping social, economic, environmental, and technological issues that threaten our future.

As members of the global community, we share the responsibility to take on this multi-faceted challenge of a lifetime by way of concerted action across disciplines, bringing into focus its unequal impact, the bounds of our planet, and in turn, our solutions.

For this 2024 edition, enmeshing the knowledge of diverse contexts, and amplifying Black and Indigenous perspectives, Congress invites scholars, students, policymakers, and community members to reflect on what remains collectively attainable – and what must be done – in the face of this vast and complex imperative in order to bring forth solutions for today, and sustain systems of tomorrow.

Alongside research sessions, ESAC Annual Conferences include additional special sessions, such as: Keynote addresses; Yoga and guided meditation; Undergraduate research showcases; ESAC’s annual general meeting; Networking fairs; and Trivia and social events.

Program Chair(s)
Anna Soer, Université d'Ottawa
Gabriella Santini, University College London
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Ryan Yan

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