Webinar: Publishing with The Conversation

March 28, 2018

Publishing with The Conversation

Webinar for members

The Conversation Canada is a new digital publication that brings together the expertise of academia and journalism, where all of the authors are from Canadian universities. The Conversation works with professional journalists to expose academic research to a wider audience, a model that serves as a "knowledge mobilization" vehicle for academics who want to raise their profiles and share their expertise across Canada and around the world. Editor Scott White explained the model and give a live demonstration of how academic authors get access to detailed publishing analytics.

Scott White, Editor, The Conversation Canada

Nicola Katz, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences


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Federation releases report on the role of HSS disciplines

Dear members of the social science and humanities community, Today the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences is proud to release its new report, Think Big: How the social sciences and humanities are building a better Canada. As we continue...
Promotional image for free webinar entitled "Build your research impact." November 10, 12PM to 1PM EST, via Zoom, with simultaneous interpretation in French and live captioning in English and French. Photos of the three speakers, with their names as follows: Vinita Srivastava of The Conversation, Connie Tang of Research Impact Canada, and Liz Jackson, PhD of the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute at the University of Guelph. Logos of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, University Aff

Webinar: Build your research impact

Are you a graduate student or early career researcher in the humanities and social sciences? This free webinar will bring together a panel of experts to help you identify strategies and opportunities to grow the impact of your research.