Resources in response to the University of Waterloo incident 

July 4, 2023

On June 28, 2023, a hate-motivated attack related to gender expression and identity occurred at the University of Waterloo, a member institution of the Federation. Our thoughts are with the professor and the students in their Gender Studies class who were injured in this horrific attack, and with their families and all of the students and faculty at the University of Waterloo. Our thoughts are also with all members of our community harmed by this act of violence. The Federation stands in solidarity with our community in condemning such acts of violence and advocating for safe and inclusive work and learning environments.  

In the wake of this attack, many members of our community have shared their thoughts on the tragedy. Our community has a vital role to play in combatting ignorance, hate and discrimination and protecting and upholding the human rights of 2SLGBTQI+ peoples in Canada. Collectively, we are committed to creating and protecting spaces where all people can safely learn, teach, and discover free from discrimination and violence. The statements from our community below capture the voices of scholars, institutions, and organizations on the impact of this event and what it means for our community and society. 

This list is developing. 

University of Waterloo Hate has no place here: A message from the Office of the President; Message from the provost: Acknowledging the hate-motivated violence at Hagey Hall 

The university has shared resources for those affected here: Prioritizing well-being 

Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF) Open Statement of Solidarity with Professor and Students Targeted in Violent Attack at the University of Waterloo, Women’s and Gender Studies Association [et Recherches Féministes] (WGSA/RF) 

Universities Canada UC public statement on the recent violence at the University of Waterloo 

Canadian Philosophical Association CPA Statement on the Waterloo Incident 

German Studies Canada Statement of Solidarity 

The University of British Columbia Statement in response to the stabbing incident at UWaterloo  

Queens University Statement on violent assault at University of Waterloo  

University of Winnipeg Statement on incident at the University of Waterloo 

McMaster University Message from President David Farrar following gender-based attack at the University of Waterloo 

University of Toronto Statement from President Meric Gertler on the recent attack at the University of Waterloo