Mattia Scarpulla

Nominated by member scholarly associations of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the 2022 Congress Graduate Merit Awards recognize exceptional graduate students who will be presenting their work at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Une photo de Mattia Scarpulla, lauréat du PMCSG


Tell us about yourself.

Author, PhD Arts-Dance, PhD student in literary studies

Université Laval

Research field: creative writing, research-creation

List the scholarly association(s) of which you are currently a member. 

  • APFUCC – L’association des professeur.e.s de français des universités et collègues canadiens 
  • Centre québécois du PEN international  
  • UNEQ – Union des écrivaines et des écrivains du Québec 

What is the title of your Congress 2022 presentation?   

Entraîner un regard critique. Une pratique de l’erreur en création littéraire 

(Developing a critical eye: The practice of making mistakes in creative writing

How would you describe the research you will be presenting at Congress 2022?

I explore dance and writing workshops. During workshops, people practise yoga and mediate before starting to write. I will present the Écritures nomades (Nomadic Writing) course, which I facilitated at Université Laval in 2018 and 2019. Through the process of using the body, my students felt freer to think about literature and to write prose and poetry and to think about their place in contemporary society.  I will expand on the following inquiry: How do literature and writing workshops enrich the individual's relationship with the community?

How does the research you will be presenting connect with the Congress 2022 theme, Transitions

Universities should gradually expand their interactions with society. Interdisciplinary and artistic research, as well as workshop activities, can help rethink its theoretical-practical place in the ethical development of communities.  This would require further rethinking of curriculum structure. My work in literary studies, through my background in dance, thus seeks to propose new educational approaches.

What is your favourite part of the Congress experience? 

Learning about the work of researchers working in other fields and having interesting and unexpected encounters during breaks.  

Share your hopes for Congress 2022. 

I hope to be enriched by discussions, to discover new research and new books and to build new collaborations and new relationships with other researchers.