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92 - Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC)

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In light of the climate emergency, geo-political conflicts and socio-technological disruptions, such as those associated with digital transformation and generative AI, it is difficult yet important to imagine desirable futures, to deliberate on them and on pathways in their directions, to identify traces of these futures in present and past, and to critically reflect on the futures we find ourselves in—or help produce and reproduce. Indeed, co-operative practice and research can draw on a long tradition of creative responses to societal crises. It is well placed to contribute to the multi-faceted challenge of concerted action across disciplines and communities based on inter-co-operation and ever-evolving co-operative models of organizing.
In response to the 2024 Congress call of sustaining shared futures, we call on coop researchers, students, and community members to contribute their research, questions, and experience to this year’s Congress. What can be the contribution of inter-co-operation, of democratic governance and non-hierarchical relations for better futures for all? How does co-op research and practice engage with research on the climate emergency, on the digital transition and socio-economic inequalities? What is the contribution of co-operative business models/networks? What policy support do they need? What is the role of co-op education?

This conference is taking place virtually and may include sessions at non-Congress locations. Please review the conference program if available or contact your association for details.

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Program Chair(s)
Judith Harris, University of Winnipeg (retired)

Local Arrangement Coordinator(s)
Rafael Ziegler, HEC Montréal

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