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92 - Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC)

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In 2023, Congress is calling for a reckoning and urges us to re-imagine how we live and work together in “non-hierarchical relationships” for better futures for all, including our organization and the co-operative movement. Before we can re-imagine co-operative futures, at this critical time, we need to take account of lessons learned. There is growing awareness of the need for a collective approach that draws on knowledge and insight at global and local levels. Research and experience will inform a re-imagining of options based on reciprocal action and emerging from pooled abilities, knowledges, and resources. Co-operation is an ever-evolving form of social interaction and enterprise that is bounded by traditional principles that have served us well. Yet, there is an understanding that the co-op movement must strive to expand the circle while staying true to those founding principles. We need to re-consider our foundations at this crucial time as we encounter increasing political polarization. It’s time to create space in positions of leadership, for those immediately affected by imminent social, political, and ecological changes. How do we build on expanding circles of systems change? What futures can be re-imagined and made a reality through our discussions in 2023?

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Judith Harris

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John Simoulidis

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