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What aspects of the transitional period of the Renaissance seem especially germane to our current moment of transition? The Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies (CSRS) will meet May 12-14 to discuss the early modern period (c. 1400-1700) in relation to the Congress theme, “Transitions.” Topics may include race before race; environment and climate; the global Renaissance; early modern contact zones; travel and migration; religious conflict and reconciliation; the public sphere and forms of publicity; the histories of crime and sin, including the regulation or policing of conduct; early modern epistemologies; utopian and dystopian writing; aristocratic privileges and responsibilities; queer sexualities; and the status of women. The CSRS/SCÉR welcomes contributions in the areas of art history, bibliography, book history, cultural studies, digital humanities, history, literature, rhetoric, medicine, music, and philosophy, among others.

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Elizabeth Sauer, Brock University
Kenneth Graham, University of Waterloo
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