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The Canadian Philosophical Association was founded in 1958 to promote philosophical scholarship, education and advocacy across Canada. The 2024 Annual Meeting will take place alongside meetings of learned societies representing many other disciplines of interest to philosophers. For the second year in a row, the CPA meeting will include a series of special sessions, each of which will pair two prominent philosophers on a topic of shared interest. The CPA is delighted to announce the participation of Francois Recanati and Claude Panaccio, Lynne Tirrell and Lisa Shapiro, Sarah Stroud and Jennifer Whiting. As in previous years, the CPA meeting will also feature concurrent colloquia and symposia, and a plenary keynote given by a distinguished philosopher and sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Philosophy. The Distinguished Lecture speaker for 2024 will be Prof. Joseph Heath. Every area of philosophy will be represented at the CPA meeting, with several hundred philosophers attending from across the globe.

Program Chair(s)
Juan Pineros Glasscock, Georgia State University

Local Arrangement Coordinator(s)
Nissa Bell, ACPCPA Executive Director
Jordan Walters, McGill University
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