Aaron Turpin (he/him)

Nominated by member scholarly associations of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the 2022 Congress Graduate Merit Awards recognize exceptional graduate students who will be presenting their work at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Photo of Aaron Turpin, CGMA recipient


Tell us about yourself.

Aaron Turpin – PhD Candidate and Community Research Coordinator at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. I conduct research that seeks to identify and measure factors contributing to the effectiveness of human service organizations in Canada.  

List the scholarly association(s) of which you are currently a member. 

  • Society for Social Work Research (SSWR) 
  • Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER) 
  • International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) 

At which conference(s) will you be presenting and/or attending? 

Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER) 

What is the title of your Congress 2022 presentation?  

Social Innovation and Resource Provision in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations: A Discourse Analysis. 

How would you describe the research you will be presenting at Congress 2022?

This research aims to support effective decision making and guidance as nonprofit organizations seek resources (such as funding) to support human services. We critically analyse key language that is applied when granting bodies (such as foundations and government) partner with organizations providing direct services, and question how this language impacts the process of resource distribution and application to programming.  

How does the research you will be presenting connect with the Congress 2022 theme, Transitions

Nonprofit organizations have been impacted in many ways by the pandemic. Perhaps most significantly, the ability of nonprofits to obtain sustainable resource flows has been challenged by uncertain economic and political environments. In response, nonprofits must be strategic about how and where they generate financial support. This research provides insight regarding effective engagement with funders while offering several suggestions for the improvement of resource provision that contributes to successful partnerships.  

What is your favourite part of the Congress experience? 

Congress provides a culmination of experience and wisdom in my research area. The event provides an unprecedented opportunity to engage with other like-minded scholars and practitioners, and I always come away with valuable knowledge and inspiration for the future of my field.  

Share your hopes for Congress 2022. 

I expect that Congress helps provide a roadmap for the post-pandemic future by offering innovative solutions and opportunities for social good.