Thinking across differences: Queer, Two-Spirit, and critical disability perspectives

June 20, 2023

Big Thinking at Congress 2023

What would a commitment to knowing and caring for each other across our differences look like? How can we engage deeply with and make visible queer, Two-Spirit, and critical disability perspectives for a more just, inclusive society?  

Through conversation we will draw upon the knowledges, experiences, and expertise of Therí Pickens, Professor of English at Bates College; SA Smythe, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto; Alex Wilson, Professor & Academic Director, the Aboriginal Education Research Centre at the University of Saskatchewan; and Sean Hillier, Associate Professor and York Research Chair in Indigenous Health Policy & One Health Director, Centre for Indigenous Knowledges & Languages at York University.  

For this Big Thinking lecture, join this interdisciplinary panel of scholars in discussion on how genuine commitments to learn, grow, and meaningfully engage with each other can lead to changing belief systems and the world itself. 


Headshot of Theri Pickens

Therí Pickens

Bates College

Headshot of SA Smythe

SA Smythe

University of Toronto

Headshot of Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson

University of Saskatchewan

Headshot of Sean Hillier

(moderator) Sean Hillier

York University