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Reimagining and reinventing arts graduate programs in Canada

Career Corner
Loleen Berdahl, University of Saskatchewan
Jonathan Malloy, Carleton University
Lisa Young, University of Calgary
1000 - Federation for the Humanities & Social Sciences / Fédération des sciences humaines
Second Floor, McLennan Library
This event is in person only

How can Arts graduate programs be reinvented to better serve both students and the public good? In this workshop session for graduate program directors, faculty, and graduate students, the authors of the new book For the Public Good: Reimagining Arts Graduate Programs in Canadian Universities will lead participants through their proposed EDITS (efficient; deliberate; inclusive; talent developing; and student-centred) framework for reinventing Arts graduate programs. Participants will be prompted to reflect on how their programs currently meet the five EDITS criteria, how their program could be improved, and how they might overcome potential barriers to doing so. Participants will leave the session with a specific roadmap for how they can advance change in their own graduate program.

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