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Navigating your career transition: insight and advice for Black, Indigenous, and racialized graduate students searching for sustainable, meaningful careers

Career Corner
Karine Coen-Sanchez (she/her), PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa
Nafi Niang (she/her), PhD, Research Partnerships Advisor, Université du Québec à Montréal
Edris Madadian (he/him), PhD, Science Laboratory Network Manager, Natural Resources Canada
Riya Dutta (she/her), MASc, EDI & Research Project Officer, Concordia University
Dinuka Gunaratne (he/him), Director of Career Development and Experiential Learning, Northeastern University - Vancouver Campus
1000 - Federation for the Humanities & Social Sciences / Fédération des sciences humaines
Second Floor, McLennan Library
This event is in person only

Organized by the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies

Join us in this free-ranging roundtable led by some of Canada's leading graduate students and early career professionals. The transition from graduate school into the workforce can be a difficult and uncertain journey. Perhaps now more than ever, graduate students must invest significant time and energy into planning and preparing for their transition into the workforce. The speakers in this roundtable will share insight from their own personal experience as graduate students and early career professionals, and offer advice for navigating the obstacles and opportunities that confront Black, Indigenous, and racialized students as they seek to find sustainable, meaningful careers.

Event descriptions and translation (if applicable) provided by the host organization and published in authenticity by the Federation.

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