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The colonial profession of social work continues to harm Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities across multiple interrelated sites where colonialism is alive and well. While we reckon with the gravity of the profession’s past and present, we must reimagine and rescript social work and beyond for our future ancestors. We invite scholars, students, practitioners, activists, and abolitionists to gather this spring on the land known as Tkaronto to build on the gifts and knowledges held out to us by those who came before. This conference will centre Indigenous and Black offerings, while also welcoming other intersectional discussions, whether in contexts that are majority anglophone or francophone. We seek engagements that aim to dismantle how white supremacy, colonialism, and innumerable interlocking social and political violences shape the life possibilities of our communities as well as the field of social work. We welcome submissions related to Reckoning and Re-Imagining: Indigenous and Black Offerings to Social Work and Beyond. Students, artists, activists, and critical thinkers are invited to the conversation, whether connected to a university or not. We are particularly hopeful about hosting intergenerational dialogues among Black and Indigenous thinkers and practitioners working to build possible futures and just worlds.

Download program Last update: 2023-04-19
Program Chair(s)
Uzo Anucha, York University
Jake Pyne, York University
Local Arrangement Coordinator(s)
Anita Alabi, CASWE-ACFTS

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