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Reckonings and Re-imaginings in Comparative Literature -
A global pandemic, and escalating movements for social justice and climate change have led us
into unprecedented times. Comparative Literature, with its generous hospitality to the diverse
linguistic, cultural, and ideological approaches in literary studies and comparative analysis,
appears to be an ideal discipline for the conversation of reckoning and re-imagining a more
equitable and sustainable society. Through close reading of expressions from different
civilizations in a wide range of interdisciplinary areas, such as humanities, social sciences and
natural sciences, we promote commitment to understanding and caring for each other across
our differences, and respond to the call of re-imagining “a new set of social relationships
grounded in decoloniality, anti-racism, justice, and preservation of the earth.” (York Scholarly
Committee, “Congress 2023: Reckonings and Re-imaginings,”

Program Chair(s)
Jack Hang-tat Leong, York University

Local Arrangement Coordinator(s)
Shlomo Gleibman, York University

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