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“Reckonings and Re-Imaginings: Hungary, Hungarians, and the Quest for Justice”
Building on the Congress theme and its target emphasis on the achievement of social equity and environmental sustainability, this year’s Hungarian Studies Association of Canada conference seeks proposals that thematize efforts to challenge injustice, as well as social systems that thwart human and environmental flourishing. This complex of themes opens the door to a wide range of topics from historical events and movements, to political, economic, legal, ethical, literary, journalistic, artistic and scientific responses to injustice and inequity. We also encourage proposals that consider the ways in which a more just and equitable future has been envisioned and imagined, a future in which social and environmental concerns take centre stage. Though we strongly encourage presentations that speak to the conference theme, we also include presentations on a wide range of topics related to Hungary and Hungarian Studies. The Hungarian Studies Association of Canada supports and encourages both creative and critical scholarly engagement within and across disciplines. As the conference will follow a hybrid format, we will be offering both in-person and virtual presentations.

Program Chair(s)
Steve Jobbitt, Lakehead University
Ginny Lewis, Northern State University
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Ilona Sandor

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- Music and Arts Education as Avenues for Social Justice 210 - Hungarian Studies Association of Canada (HSAC) Association events, Reckonings & Re-Imaginings

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