University of Regina welcomes Canada’s largest academic conference, May 26 - June 1

May 23, 2018

OTTAWA, ON, May 23, 2018 — For the first time, Canada’s largest annual gathering of academics will take place in the Queen City. The University of Regina will host 5,000 distinguished academics, policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners at the 87th Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences from May 26 to June 1.

Nearly 70 academic associations will be represented at Congress 2018, and approximately 4,000 research presentations in the humanities and social sciences will be delivered.

“As our nation positions itself as a global innovation leader, a platform to showcase research in the humanities and social sciences is more important than ever,” says University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Vianne Timmons. “The University of Regina is honoured to host Canada’s thought leaders as they address some of our world’s most pressing public policy issues including reconciliation, gender equity, diversity, social justice, politics, and immigration.”

Unique to Congress 2018 is the first all-female line-up of speakers for the Big Thinking lecture series. Attendees will hear from inspiring thinkers, including Melina Laboucan-Massimo on Indigenous women and climate change, Margaret MacMillan on the history of war, Marie Wilson on diversity and reconciliation, and Alaa Murabit on leadership and sustainable peace building. The Big Thinking schedule is available at: Thinking is free and open to the public.

“Congress brings thousands of scholars together to share their best ideas and we are absolutely thrilled to be in Regina this year,” said Gabriel Miller, Executive Director of the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences. “What happens at Congress over the next seven days will help people from across the country to go home and teach the skills and new ways of thinking Canada needs to thrive in a complex world.” 

The theme for Congress 2018, “Gathering diversities,” honours the history of the area as a traditional gathering place of the Nêhiyawak, Anihšināpēk, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakoda nations, and the Métis. It celebrates the region’s heritage as rich buffalo hunting grounds for a multitude of Plains cultures. Today, the symbol of the buffalo signifies the rise of education as a new buffalo and the way forward for Canada and its diverse citizenry.

University of Regina programming for Congress 2018 builds on this theme with a series of events that look at the challenges and opportunities facing diverse communities, the importance of Indigenous ways of knowing, and the role of universities in reconciliation. The events feature:

  • National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Perry Bellegarde, who will deliver a keynote address on May 26;

  • Buffy Sainte-Marie, who will perform a public concert on May 28; and

  • Regina-born University of Oxford professor Jennifer Welsh, who will speak to “The decline of the west” on May 30.

More about the rich cultural and community-based programming planned can be found at:

The university has also created the Social Zone in the heart of the campus – the Dr. Lloyd Barber Academic Green. Congress 2018 attendees and members of the public (must be 19+) are welcome to sample Academic Ale, a special Congress 2018 beer crafted by Regina-based Rebellion Brewery, and take in performances by Andino Suns (May 26), Etienne Fletcher (May 29), and the University’s own Darke Hall Five (May 29). More information about the social zone is found at:

“Hosting the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is an incredible opportunity to showcase our campus and the life-changing work that goes on here. It’s also a chance for the entire city and surrounding area to gather with us at the University of Regina, to learn from each other, and to celebrate our diversity,” says Congress 2018 Academic Convenor and University of Regina professor, Dr. André Magnan.

For information on Congress 2018, the wide range of free public programming, and media accreditation, visit

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The official launch to Congress 2018 will kick off with the:

What:    Congress 2018 Flag-raising Ceremony

Where: Thursday, May 24 at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall

Who:     His Worship Michael Fougere, Mayor, City of Regina

Dr. Vianne Timmons, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Regina

Gabriel Miller, Executive Director, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

About the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences}

Organized by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Congress is the largest interdisciplinary conference in Canada, and one of the largest in the world. Now in its 87th year, Congress brings together academic associations that represent a rich spectrum of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including literature, history, theatre, film studies, education, music, sociology, geography, social work and many others. Congress 2018 is hosted by the University of Regina. For more information, visit

About the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences promotes research and teaching for the advancement of an inclusive, democratic and prosperous society. With a membership now comprising over 160 universities, colleges and scholarly associations, the Federation represents a diverse community of 91,000 researchers and graduate students across Canada. The Federation organizes Canada’s largest academic gathering, the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. For more information about the Federation, visit

About the University of Regina

The University of Regina is constantly pushing the bounds of knowledge and pioneering new ways of thinking about the world. It’s no surprise that the University is ranked in the Top 200 by Times Higher Education in the Best Young Universities category. At the heart of its success is the institution’s commitment to growing diversity. Since 2009, it has increased its international student population by 122 percent and its Indigenous student population by 84 percent. The University of Regina is home to the country’s highest percentage of graduate students from outside Canada, and has received the top ranking in Canada for its number of international research collaborations. For more information about the University of Regina, visit

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