Headshot of Temitope Oriola

Temitope Oriola

Professor at the Faculty of Arts - Sociology Department 

University of Alberta




Temitope Oriola is joint editor-in-chief of African Security and professor of criminology and sociology at the University of Alberta. A recipient of the Governor General of Canada Academic Gold Medal (instituted by the Earl of Dufferin in 1873), Oriola’s research focuses on police use of force, terrorism studies, and resource-related crimes, particularly political kidnapping. He has authored or co-edited four books.

A decorated researcher and teacher, Oriola is author of Criminal resistance? The politics of kidnapping oil workers (2016; orig. 2013), one of a small number of book-length sociological investigations of political kidnapping in the English language. He is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Carnegie fellowship, past-president of the Canadian Association of African Studies (CAAS) and special adviser on Police Act Review, Government of Alberta.