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The Canadian Society of Patristic Studies (CSPS) has existed since 1975 with the goal of encouraging and contributing to the study in Canada of everything to do with the era of the "church fathers" (generally the period between 100 and 750 C.E.). CSPS 2023 will include two special sessions (“Trauma and Therapeia in Early Christian Writings;” “Ecology and Patrology”) as well as a joint seminar with CSBS in honour of Harold Remus (“Healers, Magicians, and Miracle Workers”). Proposals are invited for papers in English or French on any theme relevant to patristics or the worlds of late antiquity. Consideration of this year’s Congress theme, “Reckonings & Re-Imaginings,” is encouraged (but not required).

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Program Chair(s)
Maria Dasios, University of Toronto
Robert Edwards, University of Göttingen
Local Arrangement Coordinator(s)
John Abad, St. Augustine’s Seminary & Toronto School of Theology
Tony Burke, York University
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