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Using the Canadian HSS Commons: Guided Workshop for Scholarly Societies

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Graham Jensen, University of Victoria
Alyssa Arbuckle, University of Victoria
Ray Siemens, University of Victoria
Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) Partnership
Accolade West-ACW 106
This event is in person only

In this hands-on workshop intended for scholarly societies, journals, and their extended research communities, participants will learn how to build community, collaborate, and develop and share publications using the Canadian HSS Commons (—an in-development, bilingual network designed and built for the linguistically, geographically, and culturally diverse community of HSS researchers in Canada. Guided activities will be tailored towards helping participants use the Canadian HSS Commons for various forms of community building and knowledge exchange. To this end, a collection of training guides and suggested workflows will be prepared specifically for this event on topics such as hosting society events, helping researchers publish and share their work, migrating and sharing existing research materials, supporting the work of society journals, creating collaborative groups and projects, and more. These guides and workflows will later be published via the Canadian HSS Commons’ open access repository. During this session, participants will also have the opportunity to set up groups and projects for their own research communities, freely explore the site’s tools for collaboration and communication, and consult with members of the Canadian HSS Commons team. This event will take place in English. Bilingual titles and descriptions are for reference purposes.

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