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Understanding the UN SDGs through the lens of DEDI

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Dr. Rhonda Lenton, President & Vice Chancellor, York University
Dr. Sapna Sharma, Professor, Department of Biology, York University
Bernie Derible, Deputy Minister, Emergency Management, Treasury Board Secretariat, Commissioner of Emergency Management
Larissa Crawford, Founder and Managing Director / Fondatrice et directrice générale, Future Ancestors Services Inc.
4200 - York University
Seymour Schulich Building-SSB W141
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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) capture complex global problems that are going to require cross-sector collaboration joining industry, education, government and practitioners. Universities have a special role to play in facilitating these conversations and cooperation, but also unpacking the implications of the problems and the solutions for diverse stakeholders if we are to advance equity for all. This session looks at promising opportunities from a DEDI lens for strengthening our impact on the UN SDGs.

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