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Thinking Through Corporations’ Funding of University Programs: Challenges and Possibilities

Black and racialized programming, Indigenous programming, Partner events
Awad Ibrahim
Juliet Daniel
Annette Henry
Kevin Hewitt
Jennifer Adams
Mark Beckles
4200 - York University
Schulich Executive Learning Centre-ELC X106
This event is in person only

For decades, scholars have grappled with the politics of receiving research or program funding from corporations. And in a period of “racial reckoning” when corporations are funding initiatives for marginalized communities – especially Indigenous and Black communities – the politics of funding has become ever more crucial to explore. This Spotlight Session will delve into the politics of program funding taking the cases of York University and the University of Ottawa – recent recipients of such funding. The session begins with the project leads of University of Ottawa and York University and its collaborators from McMaster University, Dalhousie University, University of Calgary, and University of British Columbia discussing their activities such as university-high school STEM programs, longitudinal studies of Black university students’ experiences, EDI and anti-racism webinars and workshops etc. This will be followed by RBC, Air Canada, and one other corporation representatives’ responses to the following questions: What inspired the donations? What do the corporations expect their donations will produce? Are funders now willing to provide on-going as opposed to one-time funding? The session will continue with the panelists engaging in discussion about accountability, expectations and responsibilities of the program leads, the universities, and the funders speaking to such questions as: To whom should fund recipients be accountable? What is the program leads’ responsibility to Black communities; to their universities; and to funders? Ultimately, what are the benefits to – or what is gained by – corporations, universities, communities and faculty members through these opportunities for Black, Indigenous and other racialized students.

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