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Strawberry Teaching Session

Indigenous programming, Partner events, Reckonings & Re-Imaginings
Denise B. McLeod
Denise Baxter
Albany Sutherland
4200 - York University
Seymour Schulich Building-SSB W141
This event is in person only

The strawberry carries significant cultural and spiritual meaning for many Indigenous people. Traditionally, the strawberry is recognized as a valuable gift representing generosity, wellness, forgiveness, and love. Anishinaabe traditional knowledge recognizes the strawberry as medicine; its use in ceremonies and cooking contributes to establishing balance and healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Known as the heart berry not just for its shape, but its connected system of leaves, stems, and roots that are like the connection of our heart to all other parts of our bodies. Sharing traditional teachings about the heart berry is an important cultural practice for Indigenous peoples.

Congress attendees are invited to attend a strawberry teaching session. During this session, participants will learn more about the significance of the strawberry and its role in traditional Indigenous practices.

Please note this event will be presented in English. Bilingual titles and descriptions are for reference purposes only.

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