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Stories of Food Sovereignty: From Earth to Tables

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4200 - York University
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Climate crises, a global pandemic, food riots, diet-related diseases - all are telling us that the industrial food system threatens our health and the survival of the planet, and deepens systemic inequities, racism, and poverty.

Since 2015, 13 food sovereignty activists – youth/elders, rural/urban, Indigenous/settler, Canadian/Mexican – have shared stories of their efforts to transform the food system.

The Earth to Tables Legacies multimedia educational package offers teachers and activists 10 videos and 11 photo essays that use food as an entry to hot topics: Indigenous-settler relations, food justice and sovereignty, anti-racism in the food movement.

A visually enticing multimedia website includes commentaries by 18 activists and academics from Turtle Island. The website includes Facilitator Guides for each video, to engage viewers in a popular education process of connecting the stories to their own perspectives and practices, deepening the intergenerational and intercultural dialogue, suggesting both individual and collective actions, and offering further resources (both videos and books, online and print).

The four videos presented at Congress reflect the dialogues among collaborators. An accompanying book, Earth to Tables Legacies: Multimedia Food Conversations Across Generations and Cultures, will be launched on May 31 at 2:15 as part of the Canadian Food Studies Association conference.

The Legacies Project has been supported by SSHRC Connections grants and the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, with co-directors and co-editors: Professor Emerita Deborah Barndt, alumna Dr. Lauren Baker, and PhD candidate Alexandra Gelis.

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