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“Unsettling Transitions”

Transitions are the processes of changing from one state to another. Lately, humanity has experienced an abundance of them with overlapping climate, health, and economic crises,  disrupting economies, societies, cultures and polities. Together, these crises reveal the long-standing failures of capitalist systems — of exploitation, extraction, oppression, colonialism, racialization, misogyny, and marginalization — around the world.

The expansive impact of these failures points to the need for a multi–faceted transition out of them. How can we, with all of our differentiated experiences and social locations, transit out of militarism, capitalism, financialisaion, imperialism, settler colonialism, racism, casteism, ableism, and discrimination against gender and sexual minorities? Why has the pandemic deepened such a comprehensive crisis? How and when can transitions become transformations? Who? are the agents of transitions? Who benefits? Which policies and programmes should we advocate and pursue, and why?

In order to submit a closed panel, paper, or roundtable please use the following form:
*As a new initiative, we are also inviting proposals for a special Queer and Trans Anti-Capitalism stream of the conference. This stream has a separate call for paper proposals, which can be viewed here.

Program Chair(s)
Ingo Schmidt, Athabasca University; Meenal Shrivastava, Athabasca University
Local Arrangement Coordinator(s)
Megan Aiken, University of Alberta
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