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Rolling Toward Collective Change: Our Greenway's E-Cargo Cycle Ride - Day 2

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4200 - York University
Meet outside Vari Hall
This event is in person only

Cargo cycles can be practical symbols of radical change, because their use can result in economic independence and increased mobility for those able to use them. However, their inclusion in a sustainable and equitable world will require active and meaningful co-creation with local communities. Rather than seeking to challenge deeply held cultural identities, we invite people to use their local knowledge to envision how they and their neighbours might adopt practical cycle tools to benefit their day to day lives. As cycling is a human-centric, moderate speed activity, engaging in it allows people to appreciate their physical surroundings at a fine-grained scale, which leaves them more connected to the land, water and air they depend on. Within that context, Our Greenway proposes a group ride which gives participants the opportunity to pause and reflect on collective actions they may take in their own communities. Travelling together within the York University campus on our e-trishaws and cycles, participants will engage in situated dialogue about how current social and ecological events have impacted on northwest Toronto. Participants will be invited to consider how their exposure to, and use of, our novel e-cargo cycles have changed their perspective on what cycling can accomplish. Participants will be invited to share how they see our cycles being deployed to bring sustainable change to their communities, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. (Limited to 8 persons [2 per e-trishaw]. Others may join with their own cycles, or Bike Share Toronto cycles.

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