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Reckoning and Re-imagining Research and Pedagogy with Young People in Neo-liberal Post-Secondary Contexts

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4200 - York University
Schulich Executive Learning Centre-ELC X106
This event is in person only

Children and young people are at the forefront of social transformation, yet they are seldom taken seriously and acknowledged as producers of knowledge. During this roundtable session, discussants will re-imagine expertise by foregrounding interdisciplinary research and teaching methods that underscore the creativity, lived experiences, and perspectives of children and young people. This session brings together young research participants, emerging and established scholars from various institutions, and community members who will share their experiences, findings, and creative and scholarly outputs from collaborative research projects. Discussants will reconsider what ethical research looks like in partnership with children and young people within neo-liberal post-secondary contexts while sharing their experiences of knowledge co-construction, meaning-making, research creation methods, and cultural production. In alignment with the Congress 2023 sub-theme, “Community Engagement and Connections,” this panel reckons with how to live, work, conduct research, and deliver pedagogy in ways that resists adultist, settler colonial, and white forms of knowledge production while disrupting hierarchical relationships among diverse and equity-seeking child and youth participants, community members, policymakers, graduate and undergraduate students, and researchers. This session is being facilitated by Children and Young People’s Interdisciplinary Research Network (CYPIRN), a research cluster aligned with Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies (York University, Toronto, ON) in concert with Children, Childhood, and Youth Studies (Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies), and the Faculty of Education.

Following this session, CYPIRN is hosting an informal social mixer for attendees to network, discuss research, and share ideas. Refreshments will be served. Please join us!

Please note this event will be presented in English. Bilingual titles and descriptions are for reference purposes only.

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