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Reckoning with and Re-Imagining African and Black Francophone Feminisms

Black and racialized programming, Partner events
4200 - York University
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Today, scholars, and public recognize the contributions of Black Feminisms to the enrichment of knowledge and specifically to making the experiences of Black women visible. This challenged long histories of White and mainstream feminisms, which had ignored, minimized and invisiblized the diverse contributions of Black women to feminisms. The Combahee River Collective and Black scholars such as bell hooks, P H Collins, Audre Lorde, Spelman, Kimberlé Crenshaw, among many others, highlights the interlocking or intersecting systems of race, class, and gender oppression in Black women’s lives. If these contributions are important, they tend to center the experiences of Black women in the United States. Yet Black women are not a homogeneous group. If all Black women are marked by the experience of enslavement and the European colonization of Africa, they experience patriarchal racial oppression differently depending on their geographical location, the language they speak, the religions they practice, their immigration status and more. This panel focuses on the Francophone space to consider the richness and diversity of feminisms in the Francophonie, including Canada. What does it mean for the Francophonie to appropriate African and black feminisms? How do these voices transform understandings of feminisms, in critical and emancipatory ways, across history, literature, and social science?

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