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Presenting Wüléelham: Indigenous Education Programs at York

Indigenous programming, Partner events
Waaban Panel: Michelle Letourneau, Samantha Murdoch-Rock, Mel Somer, Emily Babcock, Alyson McMullen
Masters Panel: David Babcock, Carrington Christmas, Julie Pigeon, Rick Powless, Ninaatig
Faculty and Staff Panel: Dr. Pamela Rose Toulouse, Rebecca Beaulne-Stuebing, Marianne Groat
4200 - York University
Seymour Schulich Building-SSB W141
This event is in person only

This event features teachers, faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students within the Faculty of Education’s Indigenous programs. The discussion will centre Indigenous perspectives on the meaning of education in relation to reckonings and re-imaginings and highlight Indigenous theories and practices of teaching and learning. The event will also include a screening of the short film, Waaban Indigenous Teacher Education (2021): a moving representation that spotlights the perspectives of Indigenous faculty and students on the importance of Indigenous education programs for Indigenous communities.

Please note this event will be presented in English. Bilingual titles and descriptions are for reference purposes only.

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