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Micromobility Electric Vehicles Driving Sustainability at York University

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4200 - York University
Schulich Executive Learning Centre-ELC X106
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The opportunity to work with Auto magnate Frank Stronach, a former governor of York University, on the development, testing and deployment of his next generation micro-mobility electric vehicle, the SARIT (Safe, Affordable, Reliable, Innovative Transport) created a unique series of opportunities across of York University.

While technology development is managed by the Lassonde School of Engineering, the real SARIT story is the deployment of the vehicle by students and staff in a variety of “sustainability driven” use cases. In this session, the SARIT team (faculty, students and staff), will share their experiences around the transformation of our vehicle fleet, the development of enhanced parking, security and food delivery services and the creation of new mobility (shared use) and food waste recycling services.

This project is the flagship for the Sustainable Living Lab at York, is transforming student educational experiences, and research activities across York (for example five applications have been identified through York’s multi-disciplinary cluster research fund). These projects look at the impact of the deployment of electric vehicles on various aspects of the UN SDGs, and involve students and faculty from Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Schulich School of Business, Environmental and Urban Change and Lassonde School of Engineering. In addition, staff from all areas of the campus are continually finding new use cases as we drive towards carbon neutrality, and a truly sustainable campus.

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