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The Gallery of Risk (Representing Risk) - Day 2

Black and racialized programming, Partner events
4200 - York University
Rob And Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building, 3rd Floor
This event is in person only

Led by PIs Prof. Angela Norwood (Design) and Dr. Jen Gilbert (Education), and facilitated through AMPD’s Year of the Arts, the project is a 10 x3 pop-up, interactive Gallery that will present the findings of a collaborative study, For the Record (4theRecord). The study features the narratives of racialized and LGBTQ2S+ young women and nonbinary youth to examine the shifting meanings of risk as young people navigated relationships during COVID. Racialized and LGBTQ+ young women and non-binary youth are routinely cast as 'at risk.' The overarching goal of this outreach project is to exchange knowledge and disseminate the narratives of racialized and LGBTQ2S+ young women and nonbinary youth on how they navigated friendships, school, family, and sex during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.
This pop-up Gallery is a collaboration between Education and Design/AMPD. A new, AIF-funded course was developed for this project — entitled "Representing Risk, a data-driven virtual and physical gallery." The course allows Design students from each year in their program to work collaboratively on development of the 4theRecord Gallery of Risk. Through this innovative, “vertical studio” format, Design students will work with the research team to translate study findings into a dynamic, digital and pop-up exhibition that will engage youth, sexual and public health organizations, educators, policy makers, and the community in an on-going conversation and vital knowledge exchange about the meanings of risk in a world indelibly marked by COVID. The research upon which the course is based is headed by an international team of researchers, three of whom are here at York, including Dr. Laina Bay-Cheng, AVP Faculty Affairs, Dr Sarah Flicker from Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change and Dr Jen Gilbert.

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