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Firgrove Mixed Media Oral Narratives Project - Day 1

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4200 - York University
Accolade West-ACW 105
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This collaborative work of the Firgrove Learning and Innovation Centre and the York team of Professor Joel Ong and AMPD PhD student David Han invite Congress attendees to experience a physical and virtual archive of artefacts, youth-led artworks, and poetry around the ongoing relocation and reorganization of communities in the Firgrove neighbourhood of Jane-Finch.
Neighborhoods such as Jane-Finch in Toronto were already on the fringes of the relentless and fast-developing downtown core before the Pandemic struck, suffering the slow violence of marginalization, systemic racism and erasure embedded within the society, all whilst undergoing some of the largest transitions in its geographical landscape such as the building of a new subway, and ongoing relocations efforts as the older community housing blocks are torn down to make way for new developments. These have progressively broken apart deeply rooted communities and changed the way of life for thousands of residents over the last decades. This work with community partners of racially marginalized groups in the Firgrove neighbourhood aims to bring attention to the plight and resilience of diverse racialized communities through a variety of programs in creative coding, film, dance and music projects conducted assiduously in the last years. Through this, we have been honored to learn about stories of migration and the diverse diasporic identities embodied in migrants and their children who have become dear friends. For Congress, we will present an exhibition that will archive some of these stories, artifacts and virtual environments accessible through mobile media (phones, VR headsets).

Please note this event will be presented in English. Bilingual titles and descriptions are for reference purposes only.

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