Attendee Service Centre

Accessing the Congress virtual platform

Congress 2022 is being hosted on the Forj platform. Please start by going to the platform:

Log-in instructions

Look for the Log In or Sign Up button on the top right corner of your screen.

Platform login page

Please use the following credentials for your first time logging in: 

  • Your email
  • Your temporary password (case sensitive): available via your registration confirmation email (if you registered after May 10) or from the launch email that was sent on May 10 to existing registered attendees.
  • Select “Login”.
  • When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password as well as agree to the Privacy and Terms policy of the platform. 

Tip: Select “Keep me logged in” and bookmark the Congress 2022 virtual platform so it is easier to access the next time. Don’t forget your new password! 

**If you have accessed the platform for booth or greeting table administrative purposes, your existing password remains. Do not use this temporary password.**

Update your profile

Once you are signed in, complete your profile by navigating to “My profile” found in the top right-hand corner of your screen behind the profile icon. You can include details such as your job title, company information, phone number, profile picture, pronouns and biography.

Platform profile page

What to expect

We are offering you advanced access as a registered attendee to take your time and explore the platform prior to attending and/or presenting your first Congress session. 

Platform events tab


We recommend you don’t leave it to the last minute, as you don’t want to be late for your presentation! You can access sessions from your Association's Lounge, found under the "Associations" tab or from the "Your sessions / Open events" tab.

Platform associations tab

Open events

We want to offer you the opportunity to explore - visit the Open Events (accessible for all registered attendees). We have over 150 hours of live and on-demand sessions ready to fill your calendars for nine days and more! If you cannot fit all of these events into your schedule, fear not, as the platform will remain open until June 3 with many live sessions being recorded and uploaded as archived video within 72 hours. 


If you have questions or if you want to add another association conference onto your registration, we can help! Find us at the Registration/Information Booth by selecting Registration/Information from the Federation Hall tab at the top of each page or in the Lobby.

Platform registration tab

Need association conference questions answered? You will find your association at their association greeting lounge. You can find your association by locating it from Association Hall A or B found under Associations. 

Need technical help? Ask Forj by selecting “Live Support” from the upper right corner of your screen and the Forj team will be there to answer your questions. Available from 8:00 to close each day.

Platform live support

Important contact information
Registration questions –
General inquiries – or 613-238-6112 x371

Share your experience on social!

Find us and share your best moments on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and join the conversation by using #Congressh!

We hope to see you online and we wish everyone a safe and thought inspiring Congress 2022 experience!

Other helpful information

Technical considerations 
Navigating the virtual platform 
Session auditoriums 
Connecting with exhibitors, speakers and attendees 
Building your Schedule 
Help and support during Congress 

We’re thrilled that you will be joining us at one of the world’s largest humanities and social sciences online gatherings! Reference this page to make the most out of your virtual Congress 2022 experience.

Technical considerations

  • Download your free Zoom account  before Congress begins to ensure you can access your open events and conference sessions on time.  
  • Ensure you have downloaded the most up-to-date version of Zoom  as there are regularly new versions. 
  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser to access virtual Congress. 
  • Do not access the virtual event platform from your VPN or Citrix systems. 
  • Reboot your Surface Pro before accessing Congress if you have been utilizing a VPN. 
  • Use an Ethernet cable or sit close to your modem to ensure a sturdy internet connection.  

Navigating the virtual platform 

Session auditoriums 

All programming happens here! Within the platform, there are two auditoriums: one for open events and one for your associations' conferences (if applicable). You can search for events in each auditorium. Learn how to use and navigate auditoriums.

Connecting with exhibitors, speakers and attendees

Make a new connection – it’s easy to connect with a colleague or presenter by utilizing the one-on-one or group chat at the bottom of every webpage! You can also leave your business card at an exhibitor’s booth in our virtual Expo or at a poster presentation. Learn how to connect and chat with exhibitors, speakers and attendees. 

Building your Schedule 

You are able to add association sessions and open events to your personal email calendar outside of the Congress 2022 virtual platform. Learn how to build your schedule.

Help and support during Congress

Whether you require assistance accessing the platform, have a question about an upcoming session, or need help troubleshooting Zoom, we are here to ensure you have a positive Congress experience! Learn how Congress can help and support you.


Please visit the FAQ page.  

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Signing in to the Forj virtual platform 

Download the PDF of the Attendee service centre

Before May 12, you will receive your login credentials and instructions to access the Forj virtual platform. Don’t forget to check your spam folders! If you don’t receive an email from the Federation with login instructions, email for assistance. 

signing in to Forj virtual platform log in screen

Tip: When you login to the platform for the first time, select “Keep me logged in” to make it simpler for you to gain access to the platform throughout Congress.  

Attending sessions during Congress 

Download the PDF of the Attendee service centre

Congress sessions will take place within two locations on the virtual event platform: the open events auditorium and your association’s session auditorium.  

Open events auditorium  

You can access the open events auditorium by clicking on the “Your Session / Open events” tab of the main navigation bar at the top of your screen, and selecting "Open events". Once in the auditorium, you can view all open events or filter by category. 

Association’s session auditoriums 

Greeting lounges are the entry points to association conferences and are visible to all attendees; however, you must be registered for that specific association to access their session auditorium, networking lounge, and posters (if applicable). On the greeting lounge, there will be a link to continue to the association’s session auditorium. Your association’s session auditorium can only be accessed through its greeting lounge. 


Getting to your association’s greeting lounge 

  • Click on the “Associations” tab of the main navigation bar at the top of your screen. 
  • You are now on the “Congress Halls” page. 

Congress hall

  • There are two ways to discover your association’s greeting lounge: 
    • Browse Association Hall A and/or B by clicking on each button on the right-hand side of your screen. Please note that associations numbered 9 through 98 are in Hall A and associations numbered 105 through 316 are in Hall B. 
    • Search by your association acronym. The results will populate for you to select your association. 

search by associations    CSSE Forj logo example                               

To continue to an association’s conference from their greeting lounge, click: 

  • Go to the auditorium– to access sessions and events. 
  • Go to the networking lounge – to access the informal networking space. 
  • View the poster hall (if applicable) – to access poster presentations.

Navigating an auditorium 

All sessions are accessed through an auditorium. This is where you can view all sessions happening in that auditorium, view presentation materials, and join the Zoom session. For quick access to your association’s auditorium, select “Your sessions / Open events” and your association’s sessions.

session auditorium

  1. Sessions are listed in chronological order by default. You will be on the “All” category as default. Don’t forget to scroll down to see all the sessions! 
  2. You can select a certain date to find a list of all sessions taking place on that day. If there is an on-demand session, it will appear in its own category. 
  3. Depending on the auditorium, you can also filter by theme. Don’t forget to scroll to the left to see all the themes! 
  4. Most importantly, this is where you will attend the session by clicking on the blue or purple “Attend Webcast” button. If applicable, there could also be an associated presentation material for the session in the “View Slides” or “View Handouts” button. 
  5. Please note that the session time will default to displaying your local time zone in bold and the Eastern time zone underneath. You can select an alternative time zone in the right corner of the auditorium.  
  6. Click on the “More info” to get more details including the session description, speakers presenting in the session and other information (ex: abstracts, link to speaker’s website, etc.). You can also attend the webcast here! 

Navigating an auditorium web example

Joining a session  

  1. Navigate to the applicable auditorium and select a session from the list to open up its details. 
  2. Click the “Attend Webcast” button to join the session.

 joining a session zoom screen

You will enter a waiting room prior to the beginning of the session. Do not close the Zoom room; your session will open within a few minutes of its start time. 

All sessions take place in Zoom; it is recommended to download Zoom prior to Congress, so you aren’t rushing to get into your session! 


Searching within an auditorium 

If you can’t remember when Dr. Z is presenting, you can search their name in the search feature to see when their session is! 

How to use the search feature

  1. Locate the search button at the top right of your webpage and click it.  
  2. Enter the presenter's name, exhibitor, session name, etc., into the search field.  
  3. Press “Search” and your results will appear.  

search features

Please note: Webcast means session, and it could be a Zoom Meeting or Webinar.  

Important: A presenter may not be searchable if they opted out of being “linked” to a session.  

Connecting with exhibitors, speakers and other attendees 

Download the PDF of the Attendee service centre

Leave message 

The “Leave a message” feature is similar to sending a quick email and is best used for non-urgent requests. You can “Leave a message” at your association’s greeting lounge, with exhibitors at Expo, and at a poster presentation.  


Navigate to the area that you wish to leave a card  

  • Locate the words “Leave a message” and click to open up the message box. 
    • On a greeting lounge or exhibitor booth, it can be found in the middle panel underneath the organization’s logo. 
    • In a poster, it can be found under “Contact info”
  • Leave your contact info and message. Click “Save” and wait for a response. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for an email response.

How to chat within the virtual platform

On almost* every webpage of the platform, you can chat at the bottom of your screen to communicate with your colleagues! 


To chat to all: simply type your message in the text bar at the bottom of the chat box and hit enter on your keyboard. 

Forj rumble chat

To send a private message: Click on the name of the person you would like to privately message on the left-hand side of the chat box. After the new window pops up, type your message into the text bar at the bottom of the window. 

To have a private video/audio call: Select the name of the person you would like to call, and click one of the buttons in the upper right corner of the window. 

Forj rumble chat, private chat


Note: you can only have a private chat or video call with another individual in the same room (webpage) as you. 

*There is no chat feature for on-demand videos, on the Event Bag, and on the Your Schedule page. 

Building your Schedule

Download the PDF of the Attendee service centre 

Stay organized, and don’t miss out on a session! Take the time to create your Congress 2022 Schedule. 

What is the Your Schedule function?

The Your Schedule feature allows you to sync open events and association events (from association conferences that you are registered for) to your personal email calendar outside of the Forj virtual platform. 

How to use Your Schedule  

  • Click on “Your Schedule” from the main navigational bar.  
  • By default, no search filters have been applied. Select the “Auditorium Room” for events you wish to browse.  
  • You can change your time zone settings in the top right corner under the navigational bar.  

Important: you will only be able to access events from associations that you are registered for. All attendees will be able to access open events.  

forj schedule

forj schedule auditorium view

For each event, you can click “Add to Calendar” to add the event to your personal email calendar. This function supports Outlook, Google, Android and Apple calendars. The link included in the calendar appointment will direct you to the auditorium where the session is taking place, not the direct Zoom link


For each event, you can click “View Session” to go directly to its auditorium. It is from the auditorium that you can find the “Attend Webcast” button to attend the session. 

view session

Note: if an event is on-demand, you will not be able to add this event to your personal schedule since there is no specific viewing time associated with it (hence, on-demand). The “Add to Calendar” button for on-demand events will be deactivated. At your leisure, you can click on “View Session” to go to the auditorium to watch the on-demand recording. 

Getting involved during Congress

Download the PDF of the Attendee service centre

Event bag sponsored by Sage Publishing

Don’t forget to check out the virtual Event Bag sponsored by Sage Publishing within the platform to discover Congress 2022 souvenirs and info from sponsors, academic journals and advertisers. You will also be able to collect exhibitor documents by “pinning” them to your Event Bag. Find the Event Bag in the main navigational bar!  

Expo door prizes 

Check out virtual Expo to chat or leave a message with exhibitor representatives. Many exhibitors are offering door prizes – don’t miss out! 

Help and support during Congress

Download the PDF of the Attendee service centre

Whether you require assistance accessing the platform, have a question about an upcoming session, or need help troubleshooting Zoom, we are here to ensure you have a positive Congress experience! 

Registration/Information booth 

Staffed by the Federation team, the Registration/Information booth is the place to go for all your registration inquiries and general association conference questions. You can locate the booth from the main lobby sign and the top navigational bar under “Federation Hall.” 


Once you’re at the Registration/Information booth, you can connect with a representative via the chat feature at the bottom of the webpage. Before asking your question, look at the booth panels to see if the answer to your question has already been answered! 

Forj Live Support  

You can contact the team behind the platform, Forj, with your technical questions, wayfinding, and general inquiries. 

live support

  • Locate and click the “Live Support” button at the top right of your webpage.  
  • Enter your name, email and inquiry and click “Submit”.  
    • Audio call, video call, and screen share are all available within the Live Support. 

Email us

You can send registration inquiries to and all other general inquiries to Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response, but we will do our best to respond sooner than that! 

Due to a high volume of emails received during Congress, for immediate assistance, please access the Forj Live Support or connect with us at the Registration/Information booth. 

Direct attendee help line 

You can call the Congress hotline at 1-613-238-6112 ext. 371 for any inquiries. If the line is busy or we don’t pick up, please leave a message, and a Federation representative will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Hours of operation 

Registration/Information Desk and Congress hotline 

  • May 12 to 19: 09:00 to 19:00 EST 
  • May 20: 09:00 to 17:00 EST 

Forj Live Support 

  • May 12 to 20: 10:30 to 19:30 EST 
  • May 21 to June 3: 08:00 to 16:00 EST 

Organized by:

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