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Building ties between the francophone and anglophone communities in environmental studies

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Guillaume Deschênes-Thériault, University of Ottawa
Natures Sciences Sociétés
Christine Beaudoin, Université de l'Ontario français
Gabriella Santini, University College London
Anna Soer, Univeristy of Ottawa
259 - Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC)
Online only
This event is fully virtual and will not take place in person

This year, ESAC is offering a 90-minute workshop that aims to build links between French and English-speaking researchers in Environmental Studies in Canada. The panel discusses issues specific to Francophones and bilingual people, either in Francophone or minority settings, who work in environmental studies in Canada. Guillaume Deschênes-Thériault (PhD student, University of Ottawa), will provide an overview of the state of research in French in Canada. We will also hear from Natures Sciences Sociétés, a scientific journal that offers publication channels in environmental studies for francophones. These presentations will be accompanied by question-and-answer sessions with the speakers. This will be followed by small-group discussions where attendees will workshop and deliberate these issues (for example, choice of institution, choice of language for publication, interactions between the language of the field and the language of publication). The workshop will be primarily in French with a bilingual component.

This session is hosted in partnership with Université de l'Ontario français.

The Environmental Studies Association of Canada thanks the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences for its generous financial contribution to this event.

Event descriptions and translation (if applicable) provided by the host organization and published in authenticity by the Federation.

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