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Book Launch: Fat Studies in Canada: (Re)Mapping the Field

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Allison Taylor, York University
Kelsey Ioannoni, York University
Ramanpreet Annie Bahra, York University
Calla Evans, York University
Amanda Scriver, York University
May Friedman, Toronto Metropolitan University
Inanna Publications and Education Inc
Vari Hall-Expo Theatre
This event is in person, but attendees can view, attend, or participate in this event virtually

Fat Studies in Canada: (Re)Mapping the Field re-envisions what it means to be fat in the colonial project known as Canada, exploring the unique ways that fat studies theorists, academics, artists, and activists are troubling and thickening existing fat studies literature. Weaving together academic articles and alternative forms of narration, including visual art and poetry, this edited collection captures multidimensional experiences of being fat in Canada. Together, the chapters explore the subject of fat oppression as it acts upon individuals and collectives, unpacking how fat bodies at various intersections of gender, sexuality, racialization, disability, neurodivergence, and other axes of embodiment have been understood, both historically and within contemporary Canada. Taking a critical approach to dominant framings of fatness, particularly those linked to an “obesity epidemic,” Fat Studies in Canada aims to interrogate and dismantle systemic fat oppression by (re)centering and (re)valuing fat voices and epistemologies. Ultimately, the volume introduces new ways of celebrating fatness and fat life in Northern Turtle Island. The book was published by Inanna Publications & Education Inc. (York University) on May 23, 2023. Please join us to celebrate this important new book with brief readings, discussion and refreshments!

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