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The Black Canadian National Survey: Positioning Black Community Narratives at the Center of Public Sector Discussions

Black and racialized programming, Partner events
Lorne Foster
Hugh McCague
Marcelle-Anne Fletcher
Jackie Sikdar
4200 - York University
Schulich Executive Learning Centre-ELC X106
This event is in person only

The Black Canadian National Survey (BCNS) is a multi-year study at the forefront of research on the Black experience, and is the source for the exploration of the most vital issues facing Black Canadians today. This groundbreaking survey, both in its content and methodology, weaves together traditional survey techniques with new digital and social media tools making it dynamic, evolving and robust. The hybrid approach encourages direct input from respondents while preserving their agency, making them subjects of study rather than mere objects of study. The evolving content derived from the BCNS adds new knowledge to the field and opens doors to Black Canada through community-based access points and positions. It places Black community narratives at the centre of public sector discussions, and creates a framework for advancing Black emancipatory knowledge that places possibilities for social empowerment in the hands of people armed with the critical insights and keen on networks.

Our interdisciplinary panel discussion showcases some of the unique findings of the BCNS through evidence-based probes into three target areas, which include:

• Examining race and policing on a national scale;
• Investigating intersections of race and gender in major Canadian public sector institutions; and
• Assessing the utility of Wiki surveying as a social media tool for developing public policy solutions to address structural vulnerabilities, close gaps, improve racial outcomes, and embed racial equity in Canadian social institutions.

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