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Bearing Witness: Hate, Harassment and Public Scholarship

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Natalie Coulter
Ganaele Langloise
Marion Grant
Alex Borkowski
Eve Hague
Kris Joseph
4200 - York University
Schulich Executive Learning Centre-ELC X106
This event is in person only

From climate change to social equity, from gaming to critical race, more and more of the social science and humanities fields, research paradigms and issues are becoming political fodder in a highly polarized and volatile environment. It is unfortunately common for researchers engaging in risky (e.g. research into neo-fascist communities), social justice (e.g. feminist and anti-racist work), and really any kind of hot-issue research (e.g. researching vaccine during the pandemic) to experience online harassment and hatred as part of their work. Too often, universities are ill-prepared as institutions to protect their researchers (faculty and graduate students alike) while asking these very researchers to participate in community and knowledge development, putting them under even greater public attention. In this workshop, we will address:
A) Best principles for researchers to get informed, build support and develop plans of action for dealing with online harassment and hatred.
B) Strategies for raising awareness, educating and enacting new policies to deal with online harassment and hatred at various institutional levels (e.g. research ethics, research offices, IT and security).
C) Further establishing a cross-institutional network of scholars and higher education staff to track and document research-focused online harassment and hatred to advocate for sector-wide policy changes (e.g. funding agencies).

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