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The Art of Scott Library - Day 6

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4200 - York University
Scott Library-Second Floor
This event is in person only

Scott Library, the largest of York University’s libraries, is home to several works of visual art, including paintings, sculptures, "Nailies," and a sound and light show, representing student artists from the University as well as acclaimed artists from across Canada and around the world. Many of these works, such as Michael Hayden’s “York Electric Murals” and Hugh LeRoy’s “Rainbow Piece,” are integrated with the building’s architecture, while other moveable pieces compliment the library’s signature brutalist style.

“The Art of Scott Library” is designed as a self-guided tour for library visitors, providing an opportunity to discover various works of art throughout the building and to scan a corresponding QR code leading to a dedicated webpage for each work of art. The digital portion of the tour includes information on each work’s materials and process of creation, biographical information on the artist, links to archival and library material about the work, media clippings, and other interesting information.

Please note this event will be presented in English. Bilingual titles and descriptions are for reference purposes only.

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