Oreoluwa Afe

Communications Officer
tel: ext 303
email: oafe(at)

Laura Chajkowski, CMP, CMM, DES

Director, Congress and Events
tel: ext 317
email: lchajkowski(at)

Lamis El-Zein

Executive Assistant
tel: ext 307
email: lelzein(at)


Dalia Faraj

Finance and HR Officer
tel: ext tbc
email: dfaraj(at)

Camille Ferrier

Manager, Communications and Membership
tel: ext 311
email: cferrier(at)

Vanessa Foran

Member Relations Officer 
tel: ext 315
email: vforan(at)

Tiffany Hnatiw

Event Planner
tel: ext 302
email: thnatiw(at)

Rachel Jacob, DES

Event Planner
tel: ext 314
email: rjacob(at)

Gabriel Miller

President and Chief Executive Officer
tel: ext 306
email: gmiller(at)

Hélène Paquet-Young, CPA (CMA), CRM

Director, Corporate Services 
tel: ext 305
email: hpaquetyoung(at)

Hannah Paveck

Lead, Policy
tel: ext 316
email: hpaveck(at)

Laura Salter

Digital Communications Officer
tel: ext tbc
email: lsalter(at)

Dhanela Sivaparan, PhDc 

Senior Advisor, EDID
tel: ext tbc
email: dsivaparan(at)

Pascal Thaka

tel: ext 308
email: pthaka(at)

Rina White

Lead, Programs
tel: ext 319
email: rwhite(at)